Middle East Faces Water Shortage For The Next 25 Years

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Intro paragraph:
I collected the news articles for this assignment through various means. For instance, I used Google search, and typed in keywords such as economy, scarce resources, economic analysis, economic data, consumer demand, consumer spending and consumer prices. I would then click the news tab and looked through the list of recent news articles, and I would pick the ones that caught my attention the most. I also went directly to well known news websites, such as the Miami Herald, Washington Post, New York times, Forbes, and Daily Finance. The method I used the most was Google Search, due to the wide variety of options it offered, and because the articles were more organized by date, compared to the other websites. I also watched the News, and then searched for the article I saw on TV through search engines such as Google, Yahoo.etc

Article 1
Title of the Article: Middle East Faces Water Shortage for the next 25 years
Authors first and last name: John Vidal
Keywords/ Search terms: U.S economy, resources, scarce resources, scarcity, news
Summary: This article talks about the scarcity of water that is being faced by people in the Middle East. The lack of water is due to an increase in temperature, which is drying out underground aquifers, and from agriculture, which consumes large quantities of water. The depleting water supplies are…
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