Middle East Religion

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Three of the world’s major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, originated in the Middle East. Although there are many smaller sects and religions throughout the Middle East, these three are the most prominent and fastest growing religions worldwide. Islam is the most prevalent religion throughout the region, but each of these three major religions has a rich history and has played a role in the development of the Middle East. Although many people see these three religions as different and at many times enemies, they are all actually not that different from each other and in ways interrelated. For example, Christianity comes from ideas within Jewish traditions and Islam was born of both Christian and Jewish ideals (“Religion: Three…show more content…
Today, Christianity in the Middle East consists of many small sects such as Copts, Maronites, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Armenian Orthodox, Armenian Catholics, Assyrians, and Protestants (“Religion: Three Religions, One God”). Although these are all extensions of Christianity, each has their own language, rituals, customs and spiritual…show more content…
Of these Christian groups, the Coptic Orthodox Church is the largest Christian group in the Middle East. Most Coptic Christians are located in Egypt. Even though Christianity is an extension of Judaism in a way, Christians do not follow Jewish law. Relationships between Jews and Christians have been tense for most of history. Christians also tend to disagree with Muslims. Because Christians don’t accept Mohammed as a prophet, there are many arguments between Christians and Muslims. The Crusades, a series of wars led by Christians intended to convert people to the faith, were also not a shining star in Christian history. Judaism, which began in the Middle East, is the oldest monotheistic religion. Abraham is typically known as the founder of Judaism and the first Jew. It is said that Abraham made a covenant with God and this began Judaism. Because of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all recognize Abraham as the first prophet, all three of these are considered Abrahamic religions ("Religion: Three Religions, One
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