Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Report

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Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, also referred to as MERS-CoV, is a novel coronavirus that emerged in April 2012 in Saudi Arabia. The coronavirus causes severe repertory illness in humans in which nearly half of the reported cases have been fatal. Middle East Respiratory MERS-CoV has “also been shown to infect a range of human, primate, porcine, and bat cell lines” (Emergence of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome).
The coronavirus was first discovered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at the Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital, when a patient with severe respiratory disease was failing to respond to any treatment or experience any sign of recovery. A sample of the sputum obtained by Dr. Ali Zaki was used to identify the virus. The virus found was unlike anything seen before. Dr. Ron Fouchier, at Erasmus Medical College in Rotterdam, Netherlands, identified the virus as a novel coronavirus, later called Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus.
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome has been identified in several Middle Eastern countries, and Europe; however, initial infection is found in Saudi Arabica, Qatar, Jordan and The United Emirates. Cases have been reported in the United Kingdom, Tunisia, France, Italy, Germany and the United States. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 2 cases have been reported in France and 1 death, 1 non-fatal case in Italy, 2 fatal-cases in Jordan, 6 cases in which only half were fatal in Qatar, 121 cases and 51 deaths in Saudi…
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