Middle East and the Independence of Country States

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In this essay I will discuss, with reference to the Middle East, the claim that “Independence removed one set of problems only to have them replaced with another.” In order to find out if that statement is true and if so, to what extent, I will examine several Middle Eastern states during the early period of their independence. I will study the problems that occurred after the Middle Eastern countries gained independence and evaluate whether those problems in fact had anything to do with the independence. Above mentioned claim does not just suggest that there were problems in newly independent states, – surely there is no country without problems – it proposes that the former problems that independency removed were replaced by others, therefore implying that those new problems were caused by independence, if not directly then at least indirectly by giving them space. However, I argue that even though it is clear that some new problems arose, they were mainly caused by other factors, such as the influence of the age of imperialism, discovery of oil, the founding of the Jewish state of Israel and superpower rivalry. Furthermore, the above mentioned claim’s usage of word ‘only’ implies that the overall result of independence was negative or neutral to the newly independent states. I argue that this understates the importance of the right of nations to self-determination.

Independence undeniably advanced the right of nations to self-determination in the Middle East. It is
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