Middle Eastern Immigrants

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Safety and freedom are both essential components of society and many argue over which component holds desirability in modern civilization. Many, like H.L. Mencken, believe that humanity’s desire to be safe trumps their ambition to be free. This view may hold true for multitudinous individuals, however safety is defined differently by each person based on their own morals and values.
By way of example, the infamous American firearm debate displays the differentiating views on what it means to be safe. In general, conservative citizens argue that they need guns in order to protect themselves from intruders or others who intend on doing harm. On the contrary, primarily liberal Americans aspire to remove guns out of people’s possession in an endeavor
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Comparable to the discord surrounding gun laws and regulation, the opposite sides of the political spectrum come to a disagreement of what it means to be safe and free. To generalize, the vastly conservative movement theorizes that allowing large waves of primarily Middle Eastern immigrants into the country would risk the security of the nation. Conversely, liberal Americans place the potential freedoms that immigrants could have in America above the possible repercussions in regards to safety. Radical conservatives speculate that a halt of the flow of Middle Eastern immigrants would improve the security of the nation. They overwhelmingly stereotype those with Middle Eastern ethnicities or those who follow the Islamic faith as people who will invoke violence and terror. The freedom to religion protected under the First Amendment right is seemingly inferior to the desire to feel secure. On the other hand, the liberal movement desires to help those living in war torn areas to get to more secure places. They generally place the potential risk of violence in the back of their minds when considering the flow of immigrants into the nation.
Evidently, the value of safety and freedom is completely dependent on the moral compass and political bias of the individual. Those who hold conservative views value safety in different scenarios than the liberals and vis
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