Middle Eastern Restaurants Are Usually Small Businesses,

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Middle Eastern restaurants are usually small businesses, having a small business in America equals good profit. There are 28 million small businesses in America that make up 54% of all U.S. sales; 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970s (U.S Small Business Administration). Small businesses are growing rapidly. While corporate America has been "downsizing", the rate of small business "start-ups" has grown, and the rate for small business failures has declined (U.S Small Business Administration).

Middle Eastern restaurants and gyro stands have been culinary staples for decades, but unlike Mexican or Italian food, they 've never really made it to the American mainstream (Daley, 2013). In the last decade, everyone from
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Restaurant owners and managers are responsible for everything from employee safety to liquor liability. Insurance, licenses and safety procedures are just a few areas that restaurant owners should be familiar with (Mealey, 2016).

A restaurant 's location is as crucial to its success as great food and service. It will influence many parts of your restaurant, including the menu (Mealey, 2016). After choosing a good and obvious location, a restaurant owner should be careful when designing the menu and its content; it is tricky. Designing the menu takes much planning and the designer should be aware of the importance of the menu. The menu is one of the most important elements in a restaurant.

Quality is also very important in the restaurant/food industry. Before serving anything, a business owner should make sure that it meets the quality requirements that are stated from the Department of Public Health. In California, the Department of Public Health has specific food programs for each kind of food. Also, it has numerous laws and codes such as the Sherman Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law, Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food and more. (CDPH).

 Competition: Middle Eastern vs. Mediterranean Restaurants

People frequently confuse the Middle East with the Mediterranean. The food is somewhat

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