Middle Kingdom Egypt

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When one thinks of Egypt, he or she usually thinks of the tombs and temples that are heavily associated with the country. The article I read is titled “Met exhibit shatters 19th-century myths about ancient Egypt”; Met stands for the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is located in New York. The article presented many original art pieces, along with historical facts. The article talked about the Egyptian civilization. I learned that Egypt’s culture is divided up into three different kingdoms (along with multiple dynasties). The Old Kingdom is the first, the Middle Kingdom is the second, and the New Kingdom is the third. The Old Kingdom gave us pyramids, although the land did not have the tools used in today’s world, those who built the pyramids were advanced enough to accomplish it. The pyramids were built from solid stone to bury their Pharaohs; this is something that I did not know. The Middle Kingdom is the forgotten Kingdom of Egypt because there were so many social, political, and cultural changes going on during this period of time. The Met…show more content…
The exhibit showed many different types of art ranging from hair beads to statues. All of the art is very detailed and tells a story of some sort. There are many statues and busts of the Kings, Pharaohs, etc. from that time period. Facial and body configurations of the statues changed drastically. The depiction of the face and bodies went from being “smooth, imposing and opaque” with “crudely rendered feet and arms and knees barely protruding through a veil of impassive stone“ to faces that showed “aging, care and unrest” with bodies that were “young and athletic”. I wonder why from the Old Kingdom to the Middle Kingdom artisans decided to change the way in which the statues were displayed. I think that the statues were changed to show less of a one dimensional portrait and more of an actual human. The statues look more
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