Middle Managers

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Middle Managers Middle management is the intermediate management of a hierarchical organization, being subordinate to the senior management but above the lower levels of operational staff. Operational supervisors may be considered middle management or may be categorized as non-management staff, depending upon the policy of the particular organization. Middle management may be reduced in organizations as a result of reorganization. Such changes include downsizing, delayering and outsourcing. The changes may be made in order to reduce costs, as middle management is commonly paid more than junior staff, or the changes may be made to make the organization flatter — empowering the employees and making the organization more innovative and…show more content…
For customers who need to communicate with us in other languages we can arrange for a telephone interpreter. In addition we can arrange a range of face-to-face communication support such as British Sign Language interpreters. Equality Monitoring Equality monitoring is the process used to collect and analyse data about people’s backgrounds to help us understand if our equality policies and plans are working and if we are treating people fairly. The purpose of equality monitoring is to help us to identify equality risks and prevent inequality. This information also helps us to understand the impact of our decisions on different people. We gather a range of diversity information from and about our staff and customers because we are required to gather this information to comply with the law. We gather a range of diversity information including age, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and belief. We use this information to improve our services and ensure that we are a fair and inclusive organisation. Equality Impact Assessments Equality impact assessment (EIA) is the term that describes the process of assessing the possible or likely consequences of a proposed or revised policies or practices. The Council carries out equality
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