Middle Passage: A Review Essay

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Middle Passage is a novel filled with different techniques such as allusions, foreshadowing, humor, character transitions, and many other techniques. Charles Johnson, the author of this amazing novel wanted the readers to acknowledge the past and present events. He connects the past and the present with many different examples. One example is when the police hit Santos for no reason. This comparison is made very clear and simple enough for the readers to understand that police brutality continues to this day. Charles Johnson uses such vibrant words to make the reader feel, smell, hear everything that was going on in the novel. It’s as if this book comes to life throughout his descriptions, and the techniques used that
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The Allmuseri believe that what is inside the crate that is being carried in The Republic is the driving force of the universe. However, Falcon does not care about that, Falcon thrives to become famous, and to have wealth. He does not care about the people or anything; his desire is to leave a footprint, a mark in history.

In class we discussed that Falcon treated everyone horrible, and the slaves in the ship took every breath almost as it would be their last breath.
This is what slavery was all about throughout history not mattering where we were to be found. Although there really is a difference. Enslaved on a slave-ship is much more extreme. The horrible sleeping conditions, the claustrophobic space, beatings of the slaves for no reason, mal-nutrition. These are the devastating conditions that slaves on a slave ship endured each day of the passage. In Middle Passage Rutherford Calhoun is a character of deceit, intellect and a manipulator. However, there is a transition that Rutherford undergoes in the novel. A freed slave Rutherford in 1830 Rutherford did not have any wealth, he was in debt and also sacred for his life. Isadora is Rutherford’s intimate interest, but he Rutherford was afraid of being in a relationship with anyone because of the differences between the Isadora and Calhoun. It is interesting that Rutherford fled from the help that Isadora tried to provide him. The deal was that Rutherford Calhoun would marry Isadora