Middle Passage Thesis

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Imagine waking up in a near pitch black room, overwhelmed by the smell of death and despair, chained to a board squished in with hundreds of others. As strange as it might seem, at one point that was a reality for some and the suffering they would have to endure hadn’t even begun to begin. These people were victims of the Atlantic Slave trade and were on their way to the Americas to be bought and sold and forced to work. Exploited and abused these people would go on to become a huge part of what made the United States and our history. The “Middle Passage” as it is called was a huge part in shaping the history of the Americas. In the time of European Colonization the want to for more land, power, and goods was at an all time high and many…show more content…
In the US we are taught about the European involvement in the Atlantic Slave Trade being that as a nation of mostly of European dissent we as a nation closely relate to the side that Europe held in the whole thing. Contrary to popular belief along with the Europeans you have the African tribes who did the original capturing and selling of other tribes, those who were taken prisoner in Africa, as well as many surprisingly many Arab nations in the Middle East especially the Ottoman Empire who played a huge part in the early days of the slave trade. Arab nations have enslaved nearly 28 million people from africa in which some estimates have it at around 60-70% were people imported from places where Europeans would later be getting people to ship into slavery. It's thought that these numbers are so high for one major reason, that being Arab nations had established trade routes with nations in sub-Saharan Africa nearly 300 years or even earlier than any European power. This is important for many reasons being that without the Arab involvement Europeans would have most likely continued to rely on other Europeans as slaves as such was done for centuries…show more content…
One of these reasons is that there are people whose ancestors were forced to suffer and endure great hardships without any form of compensation. While on the other hand there are people who believe since what happened was hundreds of years ago and nobody alive today was responsible, enslaved, or owned any slaves that it's futile to give reparations to people who never suffered. Either way the lasting effect of the Atlantic Slave Trade is still visible today not in a physical sense but in a cultural sense from the beginning of the slave trade all the way to the American Civil War in which over 600,000 people died for a cause that under which included keeping the institution of slavery or whether to end slavery for good. As such it is important for us to teach about what happened during this span of time as so these mistakes are never repeated and it is understood the pain and suffering that was forced on those who were wrongfully enslaved. Over the course of the Atlantic Slave Trade it has been estimated that 100 million people were forced to live in slavery, in which it was inevitable that something of this scale would only end in a violent and bloody conflict and it was just that that brought about a bloody and violent end to slavery. Be it that slavery is not over worldwide it is here in western democracies that a valuable lesson was learned, that lesson being that we are all
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