Middle Range Theories In Nursing Research

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Application of Middle-Range Theories on 21st Century Practice
Whitney Rizzo
NURS 600
Maryville University

Application of Middle-Range Theories on 21st Century Nursing is a profession in which theories have been developed to help implement knowledge development into the practice since Florence Nightingale. Theories help to utilize research and what helps to guide our practice. According to Meleis (2018), theories can be examined through their levels of abstraction which include: grand theories, middle-range theories, and situation-specific theories. The purpose of this paper is to detail how middle-range theories are most applicable to clinical nursing practice in the 21st century. Middle-range theories can be defined as a theory that illustrates the relationship among concepts to a specific situation which then can be implemented into a wide array of nursing scenarios (Meleis, 2018). Meleis, also states that utilizing middle-range theories can easily be tested and more likely to adapt into current nursing practice due to being less abstract and simple to understand, which makes it easier to implement into our everyday nursing interventions and assessments. In the 21st century, one can see that nursing is a profession that is ever-changing and nurses rely on knowledge development to implement care to their patients. With the use of middle-range theories, nurses can easily implement research into their care since they are easily tested and can be
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