Middle Range Theory

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1. What are middle-range theories? Why are they considered to be useful in conducting nursing research? Give at least three examples of middle-range theories; discuss what these theories are all about and how these theories are useful in nursing practice and research. Middle-range theory is a presence of related concepts that are fixed on a limited scope of the reality of nursing. These theories are made up of ideas and recommended connection among the ideas that can be related in a model. Middle range theories are progressed and advanced at the circle of practice and research to provide direction for casual practice and intellectual research that is placed in the discipline of nursing. The middle-range theory helps feature certain…show more content…
It’s a way to wellness; however, health defense and illness prevention is defined as behavior motivated needing to actively staying away from illness, discover it early, maintaining performance within the restriction of illness. This model moves towards knowing complex nature of people with their social nature and interrelate with their complex nature and their personal environments as they move towards health. From this model, nurses have readily advanced their way of health, addressing not only the beneficial part, but also as avoidance of illness and promotion of well-being. Although most patients admitted in the intensive care units are bearing various health illnesses, Health Promotion Model is led in promoting health condition and avoidance of further illnesses. Diet modifications and performing passive & active range of motion exercises are examples of its application. 2. What are the similarities and/ or differences of Origami and Middle-range theories? The art of origami and middle range theories are both made up of patterns and activities that are signified to guide to an effect or a desirable outcome. The difference is the kind of outcome or goal each term is pertaining to. When patterns and activities signify an identifiable object or recognizable forms, it is about the art of origami. But when the patterns and activities signify outcome and following steps that is
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