Middle Range Theory Of Postpartum Depression Theory Essay

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Middle Range Theory Paper: Analysis of Postpartum Depression Theory
Description of Theory- In 1993, Beck published a middle range theory on postpartum depression, entitled Teetering on the Edge. Beck, (1993, p. 44) which describes “walking on a fine line between sanity and insanity”. Beck determined a limited amount of qualitative research available and few instruments for measurement of postpartum depression, postpartum psychosis, and “maternity blues”. Beck interviewed 12 women for 18 months detailed their experiences, and determined the main perceived problem was a loss of control (Beck, 1993). Beck’s theory is one that is centered in phenomenology and produced a concise and testable theory (Marsh, 2013).
Loss of control is broken down into four stages: encountering terror, dying of self, struggling to survive, and regaining control (Beck, 1993). Beck, 2002, has developed two screening tools (Postpartum Depression Screening Scale and Postpartum Depression Inventory System) to evaluate risk factors and symptoms. Encountering terror is an initial response to feeling out of control, described as being trapped with no means of escape (Beck, 1993). Stage II is highlighted by a reported feeling of loss of former self and feeling internally void of caring or emotion, likened to that of a robot (Beck,1993). Struggling to survive is recognized by the inability to carry on activities of daily living, including eating and bathing. This is the stage where many seek assistance and…

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