Middle School And High School

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Middle school and high school were very different for me. Both schools lack diversity and consisted of people just like me, but in middle school everyone’s identity were practically the same. I attended Catholic school until high school and had all white classes until then too. Throughout middle school I was a rather mischievous student who did not place academics too highly on my list of priorities, so I was often making the teacher’s job much harder than it needed to be. If not for how involved my family and I were with the church and the school my in class experience would not have been as pleasant. The only way that we ever learned about our own identity was through religion classes and through church so the fact that the entire school probably had less than five students of ethnicity in a school with grade 3-8 in it was never addressed. In middle school almost everyone was middle class or at least were not struggling like some of the families in more urban areas. If a family did begin to struggle enough financially they simply went to another school because the cost of Catholic school was no longer a luxury that they could afford. So the school not only consisted of people with the same race but also eliminated people that were not from the same economic background. In high school the majority of students were white as that is 92% of the student body and I was not a minority in anyways but it was much different due to how extreme my middle school experience was in
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