Middle School Boys Research Paper

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Middle School boys are the worst, trust me, I’ve experienced both sides of it. I’ve been slammed into lockers and well, one time I threw a kid into a locker and I promise, it was totally justified. Anyway, things don’t get much better with freshman boys in high school, they’re just as insecure as they were in middle school (trust me, very insecure!!) except now there are guys three or four years older than them instead of one or two. By their sophomore and junior year, they’ve actually built up some real, genuine self-esteem and are actually capable of achieving some things; unfortunately, that all goes by the wayside when senioritis hits and “A’s are bae” turns into “C’s get degrees” and “C’s get degrees” turns into “D’s don’t get rescinded.”…show more content…
I had… messed up, while spending a week in London (skinny, double d’s, great backside, and… well she wore makeup) and he thought that in the aftermath of this it would be a great time to prey on my girlfriend’s emotional vulnerability. Now, this betrayal was especially shocking given the friendly and innocent façade that this particular friend always put on. People would equivocate hitting him to hitting a puppy. Well, this puppy had a mean streak. Fortunately for him, I was six years the wiser, and I realized that physical violence probably wasn’t the best way to solve my problems. I thought back, and while the situation with Evan worked out okay, it could have ended very badly for all involved. Thankfully, I had the maturity to let things go. I had made a mistake, but punching my friend and losing a friendship wasn’t going to undo what I had…show more content…
The school bus was a cesspool of all sorts of not-so -nice things. I had a very strict bus driver, and a couple of my friends and I made quite a bit of noise, so the bus driver split us up, assigning me a seat with the 8th graders. It was like waving a baby in front of a pit-bull, and I got destroyed. The girls were nice enough but those 8th grade boys really enjoyed calling me all sorts of various male genitalia-based names that I probably shouldn’t repeat here. It was my first experience as a bullying victim, and I was determined to make it my
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