Middle School Concert Report

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Many studies have been completed showing how much music can help students in listening, memorization, other areas academically, and social skills. Since one of the outstanding things about VCMS is our choir, it is very important to see Mrs. Grizzle’s--the choir director here--perspective. It is also important to see how the 8th grade chorus members think that choir has affected them throughout their middle school choir experience. First, a group of students and Mrs. Grizzle were asked how being in chorus has affected them in academics. One answered by saying “When I’m trying to memorize stuff outside of school, like studying, I always make a song in my head with what I’m trying to remember.” Another said, “It helps me to remember and concentrate…show more content…
One answered, “Yes because you might end up being a famous singer one day.” Another student answered, “Yes just because the friendships that you make might last a really long time.” The third student answered, “Yes, because it opens up a lot of career opportunities and also social opportunities.” These responses can show us that being in chorus can help to open up many possibilities in your life. For the sake of getting an outside look on this question, Mrs. Grizzle was asked, “Have you ever witnessed a student’s life being changed by music?” She responded, “ I had a student join in 6th grade who lacked self confidence and didn't have many friends. By the end of 8th grade, she was a section leader, made All State Chorus twice, taught and directed a song at the winter concert. She is now majoring in music education and wants to be a chorus teacher!” This shows that chorus can have a lifelong impact on students.
After evaluating student’s responses, it is important to recognize that teachers and directors have different perspectives and views. Mrs. Grizzle, the director here at VCMS, and three students were asked a series of questions regarding how music can help them and other students. Furthermore, Mrs. Grizzle has said, “ I hope that I impact students to have confidence in themselves, constantly work for improvement, and accept everyone.” This shows us just how much
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