Middle School Curriculum Essay

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Across the nation, urban school districts are trying to identify the most effective setting for sixth graders: K-6, K-8 or 6-8 grade level configurations. The middle school configuration began in the 1950s and increased in popularity in the 1980s. The creation of middle schools was predicated on the assumption that the middle grades “are not a time for academic learning so much as the social adjustment, individual growth coping with early adolescence, and looking out for the needs of the ‘whole child’” (Yecke, 2005).
The study of elementary school adolescent students and their successful transition to middle school is an essential focus for the continued vitality of our educational system. This is evidenced by the 3,700 middle school studies between the years of 1993 and 2001 as indicated by Hough, (2003). These studies were noted by
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By 2006, on the most recent international assessments conducted by the Program in International Student Assessment (PISA), the United States ranked 21st of 30 countries in the Organization for Economic cooperation and Development (OECD) in science, and 25th of 30 in mathematics a drop in both raw scores and rankings from 3 years earlier (Darling-Hammond, 2010, p. 9).
“U.S. students fall furthest behind on PISA tasks that require complex problem solving” (Darling-Hammond, 2010). With the increasing decline in achievement, educators continue to readdress the best grade level of configurations and attempt to determine why there is a significant underperformance of middle school students after their transition from elementary school. What are the contributing factors that will help to explain the difference in test scores between sixth graders who remain in elementary school compared to those who attend middle
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