Middle School Holocaust Audience

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The Holocaust, one of the worst genocides in history, a time that every person should know and understand, the mass murder of Jews over 5 years of pain and suffering. The best way to teach this in my opinion is with the Elie Wiesel interview Death Camp Auschwitz and to show it when middle schoolers are young, but old enough to have an idea of what happened from 1939 to 1945, but the middle schoolers can't watch this without losing important information not given in the video. So there is a reason why the middle schoolers should see this over reading books and online stories, and how they will keep wanting to listen to what else is missing from the picture. But there will be some forms of information lost when the middle schoolers watch this over the books and such. So what gives this interview video an advantage over books. The interview gives middle schoolers the story behind World War Two, the holocaust, without being a boring documentary where the middle schoolers turn their heads away. Instead, the interview has a feel of a gloomy like sadness about what happened at Auschwitz, and to Elie in the death camp. Oprah and Elie talk about Elie's experiences at Auschwitz, to what the nazis were doing with the remains of their Jewish victims, showing pictures and videos from the period when Auschwitz was both in operation, and liberated. This gives middle schoolers an idea of what things looked like at that time, without sacrificing information in a difficult manner to
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