Middle School Is A School Organization Essay

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“A middle school is a school organization containing grades six to eight that, first provides developmentally appropriate and responsive curricular, instructional, organizational, guidance, and overall educational experiences; and second, places major emphasis on 10-15 year olds’ developmental and instructional needs” (Teaching in the Middle School, 6). The researcher has a great point for the fact that a middle school should be focus on the needs of diverse young adolescents. All young adolescents are in a special time in their lives that require extra guidance during this crazy change. Middle school students test out the boundaries and want to learn about new activities and interests during this stage. It takes a special person who wants to teach these diverse students who need the extra support from their teachers to show them what’s out there for them and to introduce them to new things. The typical middle school has a vision or mission that speaks about the importance of including both the academic and the personal development of each young adolescent student. Although middle schools may have this mission, not all of these schools may abide by this vision and only focus on the academic part of the mission. Middle schools should prepare students with the knowledge of being able to think outside the box and to think critically. Students at this age do not know how to think beyond themselves and Internet right at their fingertips, they have all the answers they need. If
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