Middle School Journey

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The earliest form of education I can remember back to is late elementary school. I grew up in upstate New York and attended all South Colonie public schools. I thankfully never had to transfer schools, I can see how the transition would be very tough, especially at a young age. The memories I have from elementary school are very vague, mostly little periods such as my first day of kindergarten, when my dad came into my school and made sure I was settled in. I was very nervous and he made it a lot easier for me, especially because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Also things like Field trips have stuck with me because these trips where usually very interesting and had something to do with what I was learning in school, and teachers that left an impact in my educational career.
My middle school consisted of grades five through eight, teachers can absolutely have an impact on the education of children, simply because they can make or break their experience. The teachers that left an impact on my life were mainly due the fact, they actually cared. Those are the memories that stuck with me till this day because they took the time that other teachers
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I began to play baseball and started to get more involved in clubs to further my education in college. In sixth grade I really stared to know myself as a learner, I began to recognize patterns in math and started to become useful with time, mostly because I was trying to juggle baseball and school work. I feel like my strengths as learner consist of good reading skills, respectful, passion to learn, interest in global affairs, and worked good in groups. In eighth grade I met one of a few teachers that had a true impact on my learning career. My English teacher really cared about student development and took the time to make sure no one fell behind, I feel like this is where I knew that teachers can either make school a positive experience or
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