Middle School Narrative

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It was the first day of school,I was very excited but, I was also very nervous.I had a reason though,I was in the lowest grade of the middle school I was going to attend.I was getting changed and then,I headed out on my way to the bus stop.On the way I passed by Caz’s house and then Caz came out.Caz is my best friend.He has been my friend since kinder when I was the new kid.After he got his backpack we went walking to the bus stop and waited for the bus.

At the bus stop we started talking about how we thought school was going to go.

Kaz said “Oliver,This is going to be the best year of my life because we are finally starting middle school.”

I said “You may be right but we still have 7th and 8th after sixth,after those grades you might think different.”

Then Kaz said “Fine,you may be right.

After the bus came and we got on.Sitting in one of the seats we saw two huge kids sitting down.They started looking at us in a mean way.We sat in the seat next to them then all of a sudden they were pushing us against the side of the bus.When they finished they just went back to their seat laughing without the busdriver ever noticing anything.We were really mad
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we put our plan to action.Since we had both the bullies in our class we thought that we could catch both of them instead of catching one at a time.So when we were in roll call we had everything go to the perfection.When the teacher put Caz and I with the people that we were playing against it turns out it was going to be Stephen and Lebron.When we started playing they tried to pop us and hit us with that ball. That was when the P.E. teacher saw them and got them in trouble.We were relieved that the plan had worked right without a problem.After that they got suspended for bullying.Thanks to the fact that they got caught they didn’t bully us any more and we were really happy because of that. That day we learned that standing up for yourself can help you a lot in
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