Middle School Reflection Essay

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8th grade was great I wasn’t the youngest, I was in the oldest grade. At this point I had middle school perfectly handled. Going to high school and being a freshman is terrifying you're the smallest you don’t know what a seminar B is and when you go to it. I loved middle school. I love high school; the only reason that I love it is because I have middle school to reflect off of. I have those experiences to help me have more. I use middle school to reflect and learn from everything that I did. I’m doing well in high school so far only because I have I have past experiences so that I can make choices that best benefit me now. Arnold Spirit from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and the Narrator from “The Bass, The River and Sheila Mant” are reflective because they both took action while being unique making it much harder than necessary. At the end of it they learned a valuable lesson and made the best decision for themselves. Arnold shows reflect, reflects through his actions and his thoughts continuously throughout the book. “Drunk for a week, my father must have really wanted to spend those last five dollars. He could have spent that five bucks and stayed drunk for another day or two. But he saved it for me.”(Alexie 151). He reflects off of his father resisting the urge. Resisting unacceptable habits for his son; the best way to show someone’s love although the circumstances are unfortunate. Arnold has a hard time realizing that he is loved and that people do care about what happens to him. His dad saving a smelly five dollar bill from in his old boot was the best thing that he could’ve done for his son. Arnold reflects and sees just how much people care and that he does in fact have people to lean on for help. “ Rowdy spun around and shoved me. “‘Don’t touch me, you retarded fag!’ he yelled. My heart broke into fourteen pieces, one for every year that Rowdy and I been best friends.”(Alexie 52). Arnold thinks long and hard about how everyone in his tribe will react to the fact that he’s leaving the Reservation. He realizes that if he thought he was getting beaten up plenty before then people would beat him to death. He weighs out the unsatisfactory factors and he knows that it will
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