Middle School Relationsips

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Life is a beautiful struggle. It’s true, took me a while to believe this. I always thought it was me against the world and that good luck and happiness would never come to me. At thirteen years old me and my whole family moved to a different town, leaving all of my relatives and friends back in the town I grew to love and adore. Coming to a new town meant starting a new life for me. I wasn't ready for such a big change. Those disney channel movies I grew up watching, like Read it, and weep portrayed exactly what my experience in middle school was, confusing and depressing. Since I was the new girl the other kids seemed to take notice and I became very popular right away. Boys with girlfriends broke up with them to try talk to me. Middle school relationsips are so pointless. That's when the depression hit. All of sudden I was popular for one reason and one reason only, girls hated me. At school they would walk past me laugh, and call me mean names. I have never been highly…show more content…
They never defended me because they also were terrified and let alone didn't know what to do about the situation. However, them simply being there for me and made me actually want to go to school. When I finally had enough I told my mom and immediately got pissed off at not only me but the school. After that we moved to Lemoore, I made beautiful friends and was finally happy. I started attending bible study and church service three times a week which also really helped me. I also grew closer with my immediate family, and my little sister who is now my everything was born. I felt like a whole new person. I joined tennis and became sisters on and off the courts with those lovely ladies. Now here I am today, so full of light and love, ready to pursue my dreams of becoming a midwife, and having a family. Iḿ definitely ready to take on the world and see what God has in store for
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