Middle School Speech

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Middle school is great. I guess you have to learn to love it because it will be with you for years. My friends are amazing, and the teachers are nice. When I look back to the first few days of middle school, though, I think, how did everything work out so well?

Being the new kids in a huge school is difficult. Therefore, knowing one friend was helpful. Her name is Rachel. Other than that, I knew five kids who I’ve said about two words to. I actually got lucky having Rachel in my team class, except her homeroom was the other teacher. On the first day of school, I got lost. It wasn’t the best start to the day, so when I walked in the room and saw a familiar face, I smiled.

I found my seat on the opposite side of the room. Everyone at my table was talking
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Suddenly the two people I knew best were gone. All the way on the other side of the huge cafeteria. I sat still. I knew I couldn’t just sit every single lunch like what I had been doing, so I tried to talk to some people.

“How was your summer Cait?” I ask. I don’t think she heard me. I got more nervous. It felt like Rachel and Anna were gone for hours.

When they came back, it looked like they arguing, but in a funny way. “Hey,” Anna says. I kind of jumped. I couldn’t believe she was talking to me. “Did Rachel go to Hawaii this summer?”

“Not that I know of,” I respond. I found the chance to start a conversation, so I added, “Why?”

“Well she was just telling me about her amazing vacation to Hawaii, and how she almost got bit by a shark. I don't believe it,” Anna says. Rachel’s cheeks start to puff up. She has a thing for telling little lies just for fun. As if that was a cue, we all burst into laughter.

Finally, my nerves went away, and everything really did feel normal. I was happy the rest of the year wasn’t going to be that hard.

I’m glad Rachel and I are still best friends. If it wasn’t for her bringing me in, I would probably be sitting by myself at
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