Middle School Syllabus

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It is my express wish to be considered and ultimately admitted to the Ed.D. program through University of the Cumberlands so that I may further my education in the area of K-12 public education. As an educator I try to live by the belief that we serve others to find purpose and as teachers we are trained to teach all students whether rich, poor or middle class but I think the key is to teach with special emphasis on serving the poor. It’s important to consider our decisions and how they may affect the least in society. Because of this belief, I have found my place in Title I schools for the past five years as a middle school English Language Arts teacher. While I love teaching English, I do possess a desire for stronger leadership and mentoring roles. My research interests stem solely from the issues, which are some of the more pervasive issues that have plagued the poverty stricken schools and student lives which I have been privileged to be a part of. Each school year passes with inadequate facilities/funding, data driven…show more content…
The swift zero tolerance policies in place to crackdown on student transgressions are often ineffective and have lasting long term effects on student behaviors and severe implications on academic achievement. There are stark disparities still in the suspension and expulsion rates among African Americans and their counterparts. According to the US Department of Education they are expelled or suspended at a rate of three and half times as often. Title I schools which employ these zero tolerance policies and have a police presence in the schools are often cited as having poor ratings in academic achievement levels as well. I would like to examine effective and alternative approaches to school/classroom discipline and exploring model schools that have effectively reduced their disciplinary
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