Middle Schoolers Should Not Have Bed Time

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Should middle schoolers have a bedtime? Middle schoolers should not have a bedtime. Obviously, they are not babies. Bedtime is for young children. Middle and high schoolers should be able to go to bed when they choose. The reasons for no bedtime for middle and high schoolers is because kids this age should make their own choices, they need to learn when to call it a night, and learning from the mistake of not sleeping enough which teaches good responsibility and habits. The first reason that middle schoolers should not have a bedtime is because kids should make their own choices and grow up. They will never learn with parents treating them like little babies. There is a time in life where little kids need to grow up and make their own decisions . If they wake up in the morning and have a headache, because they stayed up too late, that's their fault. Everyone learns from mistakes The second reason that…show more content…
We all want to succeed in life but to be able to do that you need good grades. you know how many athletes who were really good at a sport but didn't have the grades so they got dropped. so many everywhere and it will teach you to keep your grades up with habits and responsibility. you have a mindset that if you don't do your work you will not play. School is first, then sports. In conclusion, middle and high schoolers should not have a bedtime. It's obvious they shouldn't. First because they're not babies, second is that i will teach them responsibility, third is that it will make them successful. If you disagree with me now, don't. I just showed you evidence that they shouldn't. I guarantee that by time when I have children my point of view will change completely. yours too, whether you are an adult or a teenager, you would agree if you were my age. Think about
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