Middle Schooling Philosophy And Pedagogy

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This paper will reflect on the content explored within the topic EDUC 1223: Middle Schooling Philosophy and Pedagogy. The key ideas learnt within this topic will be linked and explored in three overall topics; integrated and negotiated curriculum, approaches to teaching resilience and approaches to teaching higher order thinking skills. Each topic will then be applied to personally to my future career in teaching mathematics.
The first key ideas to be discussed within this paper is the importance of an integrated and negotiated curriculum. By using these key ideas in conjunction, we are able to accommodate for individual middle school students. An integrated curriculum enables students to draw from prior knowledge and skills across all subjects. Usually this is achieved through a ‘big idea’ which is chosen based on the middle students’ needs and interests both on a personal and a community level (Rennie, Venville & Eallace, 2010, p.201). This linking of subjects through a big idea can aid in maintaining interest within the middle year students and therefore enhance academic achievement. This spark in interest can be developed even further through negotiating the curriculum both in an individual and group setting. Research outlines that if students feel like they have a ‘voice’ and ownership of what they are learning then learning is more effective and rewarding (Hunter, Forrest, 2010, p.205). Therefore, a negotiated curriculum is highly effective as it allows this sense of
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