Middle Schools And Middle School

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I went to Middle School in Knob Noster Missouri for half of Middle School, then moved in the middle of 6th grade. I started Middle School when I was 10, in 5th grade. It was unusual to start Middle School in 5th grade, but at the end of 4th grade, the school education board said that there wasn’t enough room in our elementary school, so they moved the 5th grade to the Middle School. We were the first 5th grade class to experience Middle School in the whole community. I felt older and cooler than all of the other 5th graders before me. When I came in on the first day of school, we made a time capsule and buried them in the supplies cabinet, instead of outside because it was against the rules to dig up school property. We brought in some …show more content…
He told me to make him, so I slapped him and got reported to the principal and got a detention. I am not proud of this moment, but as of now, it is my only detention.

Next came 6th grade. This was the year where I got elected to be the secretary for the whole Middle School. We had to write a speech and say it over the intercom. I remember my speech and how much I practiced it. I won by a lot, and I was up against my best friend. There were about 4 or 5 of us running for secretary. I won, but had to move in the middle of the year, so I was only secretary for about 6 months. On another note, I still remember something odd : all 8 of my teacher’s names and what class they taught. Mr. Loveless taught LA; Mrs. Writer taught Reading; Mr. Ringer taught Computer Literacy; Mr. Binkley taught PE; Mrs. Adams was my Music teacher; Mrs. Howard was my Math teacher; Mr. Thomas was my science teacher; and Mrs. Tyler taught Social Studies. It’s weird because I didn’t really like any of these teachers, but still, I remember them.

I moved January in 2014, right in the middle of Middle School. When I told all of my friends, we cried for a long time together. I lived in Knob Noster for basically my whole life; ages 5-11. It broke all of our hearts. I miss them a lot and I will never forget them. I remember that if we brought in 25 box tops, then we could choose 6 friends and go and eat outside. I brought so many box tops, and we all always had a great time eating
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