Middle Schools And Middle School

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I went to Middle School in Knob Noster Missouri for half of Middle School, then moved in the middle of 6th grade. I started Middle School when I was 10, in 5th grade. It was unusual to start Middle School in 5th grade, but at the end of 4th grade, the school education board said that there wasn’t enough room in our elementary school, so they moved the 5th grade to the Middle School. We were the first 5th grade class to experience Middle School in the whole community. I felt older and cooler than all of the other 5th graders before me. When I came in on the first day of school, we made a time capsule and buried them in the supplies cabinet, instead of outside because it was against the rules to dig up school property. We brought in some things that were really important to us, and put them into a large pringle container. The neatest thing that we did was cut a piece of string as tall as us, then at the end of year we would do the same thing and see how much we had grown in that year. I had grown 1.5 inches that year. I was also the tallest in the class back then. We had different houses, in school, for the first time, I was on the Stealth side and the other side was the Thunderbolts. The one thing I remember that was the best was that we had huge lockers. They were taller than me and was very deep. It was the first time I had a locker ever. I always kept it clean, and I decorated it really fancy with a carpet, and mirrors, and a white board, and even a light up, disco,

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