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Medical Associates-Middleboro Case Study Assignment Case Overview: Founded in 1951 and led by Dr. James R. Fairchild, a board-certified internist, Medical Associates is a physician group practice that expanded slowly and added other specialties in 1963. It has continued to expand over the years, and began to provide specialty and sub-specialty medical and surgical care in 1972. Medical Associates has also grown into a large tax paying medical group of forty physicians and two separate location in Middleboro and the eastern edge of Jasper which opened in 1972 and 1985 respectively. The practice was originally a single specialty practice but now has several specialties and sub-specialties in addition to ambulatory surgical services due…show more content…
One of the strengths…. New physicians are hired on a two year contract with a fixed salary and benefits. After the completion of their two year term, they can then choose to either buy a share of Medical Associates and become stakeholders, or terminate their relationships with the practice entirely. Over the course of the past 5 years, Medical Associates’ staff has changed dramatically within the organization. As registered nurses retire or resign, they have been replaced with medical assistants. On five recent occasions, when a Registered Nurse assigned to a senior physician resigned, the senior physician demanded that the registered nurse assigned to a staff physician (non-shareholder) be reassigned to him or her and that the new Medical Assistant be hired to fill the vacancy with the new staff physician. This ad hoc system of job switching has caused a great deal of internal turmoil between the senior and junior physicians and has lead to the subsequent resignation of two Registered Nurses who did not want to be reassigned. Another issue of long term concern involves the financial structure of the corporation. At a recent Board retreat, a consultant furnished a recommendation that the corporation retain more of its annual earnings before sharing earnings with the shareholders. This report was very controversial.Dr. Eason, the Medical

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