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keller graduate School of Management | You Decide | Middlefield Hospital | | Melissa Dixon | 9/16/2012 | | Background: Middlefield Hospital is a 450 bed tertiary care facility in a major urban area in the Northeast. The hospital is an integrated health system that provides the fill array of inpatient and outpatient services. The Hospital has a reputation for quality care in the area. Problem: The Hospital’s turnover rate exceeds 20% and there are over 100 nursing vacancies. Factors that may contribute to the turnover is that a new hospital has recently opened in our market area that has produced competition for Middlefield, employee morale has deteriorated over the past 12 months, and Essex University is…show more content…
(4) Provide opportunities for our staff to teach at Essex University (5) Reduce the 20% turnover rate and reduce the nursing vacancy rate by offering recruiting incentives and retention bonuses, and continuing education. Middlefield Hospital is in an urban area where patients should have access to the best quality healthcare possible. Middlefield needs to offer their patients a triad of care, which includes access, cost and quality of care. There are many factors why a patient may not be able to access care, such as lack of health insurance or financial resources, therefore Middlefield needs to ensure the population that we are affordable and the patient will receive the best possible care regardless of their financial situation. Cost refers to the total expenditures related directly and indirectly to the provision of healthcare. It is imperative that the hospital manages these costs as effectively and efficiently as possible so that these costs do not reflect to our patients and their care. Quality of care can be conceptualized by two measures, process and outcome. Process measures look at the specific components of providing care and assesses whether these concepts are effective in achieving the desired outcomes, i.e., did the patient receive the appropriate care for the diagnosis in the ER? Outcome measures evaluate the end result of care and assess whether treatment has produced the desired outcomes, i.e., did the patient have a heart attack

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