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Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides tell the story of Cal and his ancestors. Through this story Eugenides implements science in order to inform the readers what made Cal what he is. Science adds a shroud of realism to hide that the story is nonfiction. Eugenides adds more complexity to his work by arguing the relevance of science in the modern world. He doesn’t endorse science completely because he also critiques science for its lack of compassion when it comes to treating people with unfortunate genetic mutations such as Cal. Science in fiction can emphasize topics such as fate through the use of an intersex character. For example, in Dr. Luce’s case file on Calliope, he writes how the girl was raised is what will determine what kind of…show more content…
He brings in heredity as way to argue that we were destined to be what we are today due to our genes and the passing on of those genes. He presents the ideas and leaves it up to the reader to decide. This makes the novel engaging. Describing how Cal became intersex grounds the novel in realism and makes the fiction seem like nonfiction. There are many instances where this occurs like in the first page when Cal tells the readers that, “Specialized readers may have come across me in Dr. Peter Luce’s study, ‘Gender Identity in 5 Alpha-Reductase Pseudohermaphrodites,’ published in the Journal of Endocrinology in 1975. Or maybe you’ve seen my photograph in chapter sixteen of the now sadly outdated Genetics and Heredity” (Eugenides 1). Eugenides implements science to make Cal seem like an actual hermaphrodite. This can make readers who are unaware that Middlesex is fiction believe that Cal is more lifelike and this adds more human characteristics. This is a method to bring needed attention to the lives and discrimination that hermaphrodites faced and still face. Eugenides use of heredity also adds more realism to the novel by describing how Cal became intersex. This adds more color to the ancestors of Cal and grounds him in realism down to his genes. This kind of microscale realism adds to the effect that this is nonfiction. Eugenides goes even further by describing Cal’s genitals. This may seem to be inappropriate, but it

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