Midnight In Mexico Analysis

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Author of the book Midnight in Mexico

Sukripa Ranjit
Professor Barbara Morchower
Government 2306 Section 23010
Spring 2017

The foreign relationship between Mexico and United States shares strong and vital. These two countries share the long border from California in the west and Texas in the east and a sea which means relationship on security and trade. United States, Mexico, and Canada signed a trade treaty know as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) in Dec 17,1992. Mexico is the biggest and important trading partner to the United States. Till now Mexico has built the largest economy around the NAFTA. The scope of Mexican-U. S relations goes beyond and broad diplomatic and official relations. Mexican grew up believing that the United States is a partner to embrace new economic models and trade. But now, Mexican and U.S are facing a lot of challenges without the doubt. Newly elected President Donald Trump signed an order to begin construction of a wall between the two countries; the United States and Mexico. Since after Polk era there was no any war between the United States and Mexico. President
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It will damage economically and culturally and the strong bond between two countries will be weak. This affects the national securities of the United States. President Trump should take a consideration about the pros and cons of building a wall. It is obviously there is lots of drug dealing over U.S-Mexico border to get rid of this United States should increase the national securities in the border instead of building the wall. Instead of building a wall, there is solution addressing the problem of drug smuggling, illegal immigration, the threat of cross-border terrorism by removing the welfare magnet that attracts so many to cross the border
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