Midsummer Nights Dream Act5 Scene1

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Midsummer Night’s Dream: To what extent does ACT5 Scene1 present a harmonious “New World”? Act 5 Scene 1 is considered to be a harmonious “New World”, not forgetting that we have just left the “Green world” with all the mischief and fairies all around. This would make us question is the green world really gone? And is the new world really all that “Harmonious”? Act 5 Scene1 is the resolution of the entire play. At the start of It is obvious that the harmonious “New world” is present, with all the arguments and lovers falling out with one another and falling in love with someone else, all that has been left behind. Usually, characters who return from the Green world back into the new world discover that all their problems have been…show more content…
Is this really how a “new world” is supposed to be? With the easy misleading of the human eye, which could taint the ideas of true love and marriage. The mechanics play brings dancing and festive behaviour towards the end of the scene; this would support the ideas of a “New world”. The mechanics produce a “play within a play” this would highlight the illusion and reality shown throughout out the play. The character Bottom who plays Pyramus talks in rhythm and rhyme. Between lines 260-275 in the play this flowing and overwhelming of the rhythm and rhyme, would be supported in act4 scene 1 where bottom refers to himself in large amounts as “me thinks” this would demonstrate repetition and rhyme and lack of organisation within the mechanicals play. This would contradict the ideas of the “New World”, as the “new world” is supposed to be considered where all things are to be organised and shouldn’t consist of repetition of things because those would’ve been left behind in the green world. Bottom playing Pyramus is a lover who kills himself at the end of the play, this play is performed in the “new world”. Now we know that the play ends with the lovers getting married, but in this celebration death is being presented alongside it with the mechanics play. Would this play fit into the “new world” idea? Or could it be considered a sort of sign or representation that the new world isn’t always going to be filled with

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