Midsummers Night Dream

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How does the ‘play within the play’ enhance your enjoyment of the rest of A Midsummer Night’s Dream? If not, why not? I would argue that A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of Shakespeare’s greatest comedies. Comedy is in abundance in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, especially in ‘the play within the play’. ‘The play within the play’ is a key characteristic in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and deserves a thorough analysis as it holds a tight link to the main plot of this play. This part of the play takes up most of act V and allows a cheerful and comical ending to the play. ‘The play within the play’ adds deeper meaning and understanding to the play as an entirety and it mirrors certain aspects of the play as a whole. The play that group of…show more content…
However puke gets mixed up and instead he anoints the eyes of Lysander therefore causing him to fall in love with Helina, leaving Hermia without her beloved Lysander. Yet the Oberon soon makes Puke correct his mistake and reunites the lovers correctly. Lysander and Hermia fall back in love with the help of some more love juice. Helina eventually gets her wish. Demetrius is as in love with her as she is in love is with him. As if there wasn’t enough characters getting upset and confused, Shakespeare also adds nearly an equal measure of confusion into ‘the play within the play’. Just as the Athenian lovers were bewildered and fooled, so too was Pyramus. He mistakenly believed that his love Thisbe has been killed by the lion. This almost exact mirroring of the main themes and ideas of A Midsummer Night’s Dream enhances the quality and enjoyment of ‘the play within the play’ and the entire play itself. ‘The play within the play’ gave me something to compare my views on A Midsummer Night’s Dream against. The impact that ‘the play within the play’ has on the audience is very subtle yet it is a major link in the play as a whole. When A Midsummer Night’s Dream begins it has all the making of a tragedy. The father who refuses to let her daughter wed the man she is in love with, who instead orders her to marry a man who he sees fit. Hermias father wants her killed for disobeying her. The mention of death is also

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