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Midterm Student: 1. Socially responsible activities are never done for building the reputation of a firm within the philanthropy model. True False 2. Which of the following statements is true about Whistleblowing? A. It can occur both internally and externally . B. It does not cause any harm to the whistleblower. C. It involves the disclosure of ethical activities. D. It may seem disloyal, but it does not harm the business. 3. The practice of attending to the "_____" of a firm is referred to as reputation management. Image 4. Which of the following approaches shifts the focus from questions about what a person should do, to a focus on who that person is? A. Virtue ethics B. Principle-based C. Altruism D. Utilitarianism…show more content…
True False 22. Which of the following involves the disclosure of unethical or illegal activities to someone who is in a position to take action to prevent or punish the wrongdoing? A. Flyposting B. Redlining C. Gentrification D. Whistleblowing 23. Volunteering and charitable work are examples of the most demanding responsibility. True False 24. Normative myopia occurs only in business. True False 25. Selecting the alternative that meets minimum decision criteria is known as ____. Satisficing 26. _____ is a view that holds that people act only out of self-interest. Egoism 27. Organizations that have a traditional approach to culture can be classified as compliance-based cultures. True False 28. A principle-based framework defines a set of rules that enforces us to act or decide in certain ways. True False 29. According to the tradition of theoretical reason, _____ is the great arbiter of truth. A. science B. perception C. religion D. ethics 30. The philanthropic model in which business support for a social cause is done simply because it is the right thing to do differs from the reputational version of the philanthropic model only in terms of the underlying ____. Philanthropic View 31. No group could function if members were free at all times to decide for themselves what to do and how to act. Which of the following functions to

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