Midterm Elections : Midterm Election

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Analysis of The Midterm Elections The 2014 midterm election was by far one of the most astounding ones, which resulted in a sweep by the Republican party. The Midterm elections in the United States refer to general elections in the United States that are held two years after the quadrennial (four-year) elections for the President of the United States (Oxford dictionary). This is done every two years to ensure that one specific seat holder does not get too comfortable and start to exercise his powers in the wrong way. The 2014 midterm election was by far one of the most erratic ones, the Republicans dominated in terms of the new seats acquired, whereas the democrat; they were shocked by the results. The questions the populace likewise…show more content…
Nixon in 1974 and Bill Clinton in 1994 as the most destructive to his party’s political standing in Congress in the post-World War II era. It was quite shocking for the president, who had been the first Democrat since Franklin D. Roosevelt to twice win a majority of the national vote. For the past 4 years the democrat tactics worked by appealing to a certain group, which ensured a certain amount of votes. As Nate Cohn postulates in the article “The Democrats’ Southern Problem Reaches a New Depth”, “The national Democratic Party has fully embraced and even defined itself in terms of cultural liberalism — on gun control, gay rights, immigration, abortion, environmental policy and other issues”. Over the past years the democrats received a lot of vote from younger and minority voters because they are strongly liberal on cultural issues. So why this tactic did not work this time around? Is it because of the regions, and demographics? To answer this question it is a no; it is because of the current issues that are facing the country now and how each party approach them resulted in the outcome of the election. The Democratic Party stressed on cultural issues while the Republicans stressed on current issues that are facing such as Ebola, Isis etc. According to the article written by Phillip Rucker and Robert Costa the republicans had a strategy to “not make any make mistakes, and make it all about Obama, Obama, Obama. Every new White House crisis would bring a new Republican
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