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Midterm Essay on Song Yet Sung As Bravery Follows Through This Long Journey The conductors who contributed to the Underground Railroad sacrificed a great deal to help other slaves escape to freedom; that showed ample amounts of bravery. Martin Luther King Jr. stood by what he believed in to make a difference for this generation. He was remembered as a great man of bravery, he wanted change for blacks and whites to be equal. However, bravery does not come naturally to some people. To be brave means possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance. Bravery is the ability to allow a person to be appearing bigger than the crisis. In James McBride’s novel, Song Yet Sung, he describes three characters that exemplify in bravery who…show more content…
He had to relocate her, but he finally knew what he must do to keep her safe. In a particular example, Amber’s intricate plan was to stash Liz in the Blacksmith’s shop—in town (214). The interaction between Joe and Amber was about the location of Liz. Joe has heard some information that Amber has been safe housing Liz from EB. In another example, Amber lied to Joe about Liz’s whereabouts because he knew there is a bounty out for Liz’s capture. Amber knew in order to protect her he had to lie to Joe (228). The last character that has shown continuous bravery in the novel was Wiley. Wiley appears to be around the age of seventeen. Wiley, his uncle Amber, and his mother Mary are slaves of Kathleen Sullivan. One of Wiley’s bravery acts was when he helped Liz. He had seen her on the trail and decided to help disregarding the repercussions, if he is caught for helping her. To illustrate, in a brief conversation, Wiley explained to Liz telling her there was a safe place to hide out at the old Indian Burial ground. His Uncle Amber will be waiting, for her arrival. Wiley was worried, for the helpless Jeff Boy. He knew that he had to come up with a quick plan. In reference to the novel, Wiley’s bravest moment was when he decided to run after the Woolman; not knowing what he was up against to help rescue Jeff Boy. Bravery does not measure how big or small the situation might be, but it defines the person who is overcoming their fear. Each

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