Midterm Patient Quality And Safety Paper

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Midterm Patient Quality and Safety Paper Over time the health care industry has become more complex. Health care is rapidly evolving and continuing to complicate our delivery of care, which in turn has the same effect on quality of care. This steady evolution and change results in nursing shortages and an increase in the prevalence of errors being made. In hopes of preventing these errors and creating safe and high quality patient care, with the focus on new and improved ways of thinking, The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative was developed. The QSEN focuses on the following competencies: patient-centered care, quality improvement, safety, and teamwork and collaboration. Their initiatives work to prepare and develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary to make improvements in the quality and safety of health care systems (, 2014). Question One Patient-Centered Care Patient-centered care refers to the view that patients and their family members are partners in developing a care plan. This stems from the belief that the patient is in control and that the care provided is rooted in respect that addresses the patient’s personal needs and values (Barnsteiner & Sherwood, 2012). Creating a partnership with a patient that allows them to grasp the goals and methods of their plan of care and includes them in the decision-making process can prevent errors from occurring. This gives the patient the opportunity to correct any
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