Essay on Midterm Questions

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Module 1 Chapter 1 1. Both the CHES and MCHES examinations are given twice a year and consist of 150 scored questions and 15 pilot questions on a weighted amount of the seven responsibilities. 2. The publication considered to have been the document that gave great momentum to the health promotion and disease prevention movement in America was called Healthy People: The Surgeon General’s Report on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (Healthy People, 1979). 3. Self-breast examinations would be considered which level of prevention? Secondary 4. When a person is healthy, without signs and symptoms of disease, illness, or injury, the level of prevention most appropriate would be Primary prevention 5. The…show more content…
The Precaution Adoption Process Model (PAPM) is a stage model focused on how people come to the decision to take action, and translate the decision into action. True 10. Global relapse prevention strategies modify the early antecedents of relapse True 11. Which of the following is NOT true about theories? NOT They aid in identifying information NOT They are needed before developing an intervention 12. According to the Stimulus-Response Theory, reducing health insurance benefits for employees who continue to participate in a health-harming behavior is an example of Negative punishment 13. The Ecological Perspective recognizes multiple levels of intervention including all of the following EXCEPT Interracial 14. According to the Theory of Reasoned Action, Intention is an indication of a person’s readiness to perform a behavior 15. According to the Information Motivation Behavioral Skill Model, prevention motivation includes both Positive and negative motivation 16. personal and environmental motivation. Perceived seriousness 17. For Janice to lose weight, she must believe both that she is able to lose weight and that the weight loss will benefit her health. These beliefs are examples of Efficacy and outcome expectations 18. Program planning models help explain how behavior change takes place. False 19. At the intrapersonal level, theories of health behavior assume individuals exist within and are influenced by a
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