Midterm Reflection

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From the beginning of the semester until now, I believe I have made progress with the goals I considered for the midterm exam. Those goals were staying turned out, fully extending the working leg to the back, and carrying the working leg en l’ air at the same height. In addition to these three aspects, new challenges were discovered over the current ones. The new challenges have allowed myself to set new goals for the upcoming semester of Spring 2018. During the midterm conference, Dr. Sims provided me a few exercises I could work on outside of class to improve my turnout. The exercise I have really worked on is with a theraband. This exercise consists of tieing the theraband around the thigh area tight enough to allow resistance and begin to externally rotate the legs. This exercise targets turning out from the hips as I was turning out from the knee, which could be another cause of my knee pain.
Not only is working with a theraband working, but continuing to think about sending energy out from the tip of my hip of the working leg into my big toe. With this idea in my head, it allows me to fully lengthen the working leg and not let the knee drop or turn parallel to the floor. For example, while in arabesque or working to the back, I have had a bad habit of letting the working leg go into flexion. Not only in this area, but as well as rhon de jambes. In this particular exercise, I would bend the working leg as it passed through first position. Now that I have this image
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