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Biology Final Exam Review Sheet a) The identity of each element is defined by the number of protons in its nucleus a. The physical and chemical properties of each element are defined by: i. Number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus ii. Number of electrons orbiting the nucleus Proton = mass of one & a positive charge Neutron = mass of one and no charge Electron = negligible mass and a negative charge Isotopes of an element a) Isotopes are different forms of the same element a. Same number of protons b. Same number of electrons orbiting c. Different number of neutrons Chemical Bonds & Interactions a) Covalent bonds – sharing of electron pairs b) Ionic attraction – attraction of opposite charges c) Hydrogen bond –…show more content…
Nuclear division occurs during mitosis 2. Cell division – cytokinesis – occurs at the end of the M phase (mitosis) 3. Cells that do not divide are usually arrest during G1 phase 4. DNA synthesis (S) DNA is replicated during S phase 5. G2 phase • In M phase (Mitosis), the DNA and proteins in each chromosome form highly compacted structures • In an Interphase nucleus, chromosomes are threadlike structures
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