Midterm Unit 5 Criminology Essay

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Running head: Unit 5 Project Unit 5 Midterm Essay CJ 102-03: Criminology 1 Kaplan University Professor: Ellen Smith Chupik August 31, 2012 A recent policy was implemented by Jackson Tennessee’s Police Department, and Family Service’s dealing with the problem of child endangerment. Any household that has any documented offense of domestic violence, child abuse, or drug or alcohol related offense committed by the parents, guardian, grandparent, or babysitter, the child/children will be placed in the care of the state or foster care services, until it is proven that the offender has undergone any or all of the following, and has been offense free for a period of no less than six-months. The offender can choose…show more content…
Again this is a perfect example of the social learning theory. No parent should want their child and or children exposed to drugs for any reason whatsoever. If the parents have friends who come over and use drugs in the house where the children are, then that is just as bad as the parents doing it themselves. A parent’s job is to protect their children at all times regardless. I feel this is a good program, because it protects the children from being around things that can be harmful to them, and it will keep them from being raised in a bad environment. If a child is in a bad situation at home and they are taken out then it can in the long run help the child from making some major mistakes in their life. So this would be a major positive impact with the use of this program. Removing child/children from their parents can have a bad impact because; the child may rebel and or possibly go into shock from being separated from their parents. No one can say for a fact as to how a child would react being separated from their parents, because everyone reacts to different situations in different ways. No matter how bad things are at home when it really comes down to it, a child and or children will always want to remain with their parents unless they are being beaten themselves, and even then they still may want to stay with them. This would be the negative impact of using this program. If a child and or children are

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