Midwestern Contemporary Art Case Study

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Many situations present the important synchronization of internal versus external negotiations. Many individuals have studied how each side in the negotiation is able to manage the internal opposition to agreements being negotiated. This can also be known as “on the table”, or what exactly is on the line in a heated argument. Each individual involve in an argument has a particular position to be managed, and often times own personal interests are widely expressed. This paper will expand upon the case of Fischer collecting needed funds from Smith with proposals and ideas for a manageable negotiation.
Original goals in negotiation The Midwestern contemporary art case study revolves around the current MCA board chair
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Simply put resting at a conclusion after a negotiation may not necessarily be the ideal outcome unless cooperative is achieved by both parties. Bargaining in general could involve parents, friends, teachers, spouses, employers, and so on (Anderson, 2013). Likewise companies also negotiation contracts with one another or individuals involved within the companies. In the instance of Fischer and Smith, a formal negotiation was never made between them personally, but as a whole Smith agreed to make pledges to Midwest Contemporary Art years and years beforehand. Pledges would be made on a consistent basis once started, but since pledges after the initial $10,000 one were never initiated the Contemporary Art facility is struggling. In the original location which was much smaller than the renovated one the museum perhaps would have had no troubles staying afloat with or without the pledge of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. After the renovations of a new facility the value of the museums success rested on contributions initially promised by Mr. Smith.
Interests in the case Coming from a stand point of pretending to be Mrs. Fischer personal interests in the case are a matter of whether or not employment at the museum will occur in the future for one. Secondly, the future of the museum is resting on one stubborn person that finally has answered several phone calls. Mrs. Fischer is a hard

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