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This paper will describe the goals of the original negotiation between Peter and Catherine Smith, and the Midwestern Contemporary Art Museum. The discussion will involve the interpretation of the original BATNA and explain its value. Thirdly, we will discuss if interest align or oppose your position. Evaluation negotiation for a win-win solution will look at alternatives for mutual gain for both parties. Fourthly, we will identify influence tactics: which ones could you use on the Smiths?
What power bases do you (as Peggy Fischer) have in regards to each of the Smiths? Explain.
How might you (again as Peggy Fischer) draw on your personal network to influence each of the Smiths? Explain.
Original negotiation between the Smiths and
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Negative emotions may undermine a negotiator’s ability to analyze the situation accurately, which adversely affects individual’s outcomes. (Lewicki, J. R., Barry, B., & Saunders, M. D., 2011). Due to problems between Smith and Schmidt, Peter Smith resigned from the board in December 1991. Immediately, following his departure the board approved of a $55 million capital project for construction of MCA’s new facility, $37.5 million of which was guaranteed by the board. The Smiths vanished from the art scene at the end of 1991 and neglected all payments on their $5 million promise toward the planned new building for the museum. The problems started when MCA realized the construction funding on their new building, which started underway in 1993, contingent on the Smith’s pledge.
Interest align vs. opposing the position
When two people take opposite sides on any particular issue in a dispute, they both often refuse to budge from their divergent viewpoints. Most likely outcome is a stalemate. If a solution is found then both will win. Negotiation interests largely relate to basic human needs. They are powerful influences in our decision making processes. Interests not only include those tangible desires which correspond to the specific problem at hand such as increasing sales or productivity. They also link to our more basic human emotions that are less obvious to the participants (Negotiations).
Negotiation with the Smith’s
Although it was

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