Midwifery Case Study

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MIDW113 – Jodie Sparke S00163149_assess2 b). Postnatal case study – Gina is a 34 year old G2 P2 woman, day 2 post caesarean section. You enter her room to find her teary and upset; she tells you she had planned on having a natural birth in a midwifery led model of care. However, she experienced an emergency caesarean section after her baby showed signs of fetal distress. Describe and discuss the role and responsibilities of the midwife in providing pre and post-operative care to a woman in Gina’s position. You are expected to demonstrate, plan and evaluate safe, holistic, woman centred evidence-based midwifery care. This paper considers a postnatal case study of Gina, a day two post-operative, 34 year old Gravida 2 Para 2 woman. She…show more content…
The urgency of response to these indications are determined by the extent of the immediate threat to the mother and/or fetus, and may also be dependent on timing and surgical team availability (Saluja, Roy, & Mahadik, 2014). In the case of acute fetal compromise it is recommended that the caesarean section be performed within thirty minutes to one hour (Oxford University Press, 2011, p. 379). Where a woman and fetus are under no immediate threat, but still require an ECS, the safe holistic relationship between woman and midwife must be maintained. It is important to educate and support the woman emotionally, keeping her well informed of all steps being taken in the immediate care for her and baby. Perhaps in this case study Gina was not well informed about her situation, leaving her emotionally shaken. A key role of the midwife is to facilitate information and advocate for the woman’s fears and concerns, both pre and post-operatively. Howie & Rankin (2014) define the caesarean section as ‘a surgical procedure in which the abdomen and uterus are incised to facilitate the birth of the baby’ (p. 631). The most common procedure is known as a Lower-Segment Caesarean Section invovling a transverse incision across the bikini-line area of the abdomin (Howie & Rankin, 2014, p. 632). Pre-operatively the midwife should prioritise care of the woman and her partner, ensuring clear explanation around reasons for surgery, hygiene, privacy and
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