Midwifery: Personal Statement

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I first became fascinated about midwifery when I read an inspiring article based on pregnant asylum seekers. This has opened my mind about the support that each person needs regardless of their struggles. I consider myself as an advocate for women during their pregnancy. I am a person who regularly gives to charity by using my spare time and skills to support young children in the community. This has helped me to develop my communication skills when working with diverse children. The reason I chose midwifery is to empower women and to assist them with their choices that they make. As a liberal feminist, I have a great trust and confidence to connect with women from their own perspective.
During my education, I spent a day in volunteering in a maternity ward in East Africa. This allowed me to easily widen my
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During my journey, I worked with qualified midwives observing deliveries in natural births and caesareans sections. It also helped me to understand the different roles in postnatal and antenatal clinics. This life experience has given me crucial skills of teamwork, observation skills and working with the client's family. I also volunteered in a mother and baby unit in Birmingham by working with women who have suffered from postpartum psychosis. This helped me to understand some of the complications of postpartum and the ways of assisting the woman. It has also aided me to enhance my interpersonal skills and how to promote respect and dignity. From this, I was able to link theory to practice in this case to my equality, diversity and rights module in health and social care. This has facilitated me to understand more about supporting vulnerable women and their families. Moreover, studying anatomy and physiology has also prepared me to gain significant knowledge on childbirth and different changes that women go through during pregnancy, which will be beneficial in studying
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