Mifeprex Research Paper

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Mifeprex is known as an effective medication, which can perform abortion at your home without any harm. It can be used to abort a pregnancy, which is less than 7 weeks old. Generally, you can define abortion as the killing of an unborn baby. It may nervous any women or produce fear in the females. But use of certain medication like Mifeprex, which comes under the category of medicated or non-surgical abortion process, removes all fear and nervousness of the abortion. You can easily use Mifeprex, to perform abortion procedure.
About abortion and its process
In general, the females require abortion in certain cases of unwanted pregnancy like relationship issue, unplanned pregnancy or failure of contraception methods. Abortion can be required
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In other words we can say that progesterone is a vital hormone to continue a pregnancy. Mifeprex composed of a synthetic steroidal derivative i.e. Mifepristone, which belongs to the category of Oxosteroids. It is an agonist of progesterone receptors, which performs anti-progesterone activity. It has a strong tendency to bind with progesterone receptors, which results in the prevention of the functioning of the endogenous or exogenous progesterone. This activity is useful to detach the fetus from the uterus by which it does not allow the continuation of pregnancy. In this way Mifeprex performs an abortion with ease in a secret and secure…show more content…
Therefore there are some females, who should not use this medication, as it may cause severe harmful effects on their health. These are the females, who have ectopic pregnancy and some issues like porphyria, hemophilia, hypersensitivity to Mifepristone, adrenal failure and uterine tumor, should not take this drug. The females, who have IUD in place should remove it before using this drug, otherwise they should not use this medication.
How to use Mifeprex?
Mifeprex is available in the form of oral tablets. Each tablet of Mifeprex consists of 200mg of Mifepristone. You can use this medication with the help of water, but you should take this medication with an empty stomach. The female should take three tablets of Mifeprex orally as a single dose. After two days, she should go for the clinical test, if pregnancy is still present then take two tablets of Misoprostol (each of 200mcg of Misoprostol). On day 14th, she should go for clinical investigation for the confirmation of the abortion.
The use of Mifeprex tablet may cause some side effects in the body of some females like fever, dizziness, cramps, abdominal pain, nausea, back pain, bleeding, stomach upset, diarrhea and
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