Might Is Right Case Study

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Case one has been written in the heading of Might is Right: Suffering and Misery of Zinat Sardar. `Actually it is tale of a marginal farmer who lost everything to establish rights on land. He has lost his son (killed by land grabbers), productive assets like land, cows, and trees and so on. Finally he was displacing from the homestead and migrated to others village. Now he is living with physically disability, mental illness and socially distress position. Case two has drawn from a peculiar social phenomena and that is deprivation of women which is written as the name of “Firoza Khatun: A History of Deprivation of Daughters”. Firoza Khatun was a daughter of rich farmer. Her father’s has made a title deed with his brother’s name and transfer…show more content…
Nevertheless it becomes the fertile land for conflict and misery as well as suffering of landless people due to some corrupt land official and social miscreant. However, case fifteen is about the scenario of rival groups who are involved in conflict and litigation years to years. Ownership on land has been established by inheritance or title deed following mutation and other relevant process. Survey and settlement one of the important process to establish occupancy rights on land. Survey and settlement works usually done by deploying temporally staff. Most of the cases they are involved in massive corruption which are causes of suffering and deprivation from land assets. Case study sixteen has been written on that issue with the title “Tossedd Khan: Corruption in Survey and Settlement”. Land is a fundamental and permanent assets in rural society by which people maintain life and livelihood. Though land is very scare resource in the country that is why there is a competition to access and control that. Even if, there is a conflict within brothers and sisters to occupy the land. There is a many instance brothers take all paternal property by wrong doing and deprived the sisters. Sometimes father intentionally provide all his land to son by title deed and deprived the daughters. Case seventeen has been written on issue by the name of “A History of Deprivation of

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