Mighty Ducks: Movie Critique

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Movie Critique: The Mighty Ducks - 1 Introduction The first “The Mighty Ducks” movie raises numerous aspects of sociology in sport that will be analyzed in this paper. The two aspects of sociology in sport that were prevalent in the Mighty Ducks movie were: ethics and gender. This movie provides an example of a character who begins the story as a morally bankrupt individual with a “win at all cost” attitude. Through his experience coaching a young hockey team, Bombay learns the true meaning of sport and transforms into ethically and morally sound individual. The first installment of the Mighty Ducks trilogy also presents an interesting case of a female skater who fulfills the stereotype that girls should figure skate and boys should…show more content…
However, the reality of the game of hockey is that actions such as these are a regular occurrence. Fortunately, through education, clinics, standards and regulations, efforts are continually being made to teach coaches how their actions impact their pupils. As the Coaching Association of Canada states “when you become a coach, you will help others reach beyond themselves, to reach higher, both in sport and in life.” Fortunately, Coach Bombay develops and grows, both as a person and a coach. Through the guidance of an old mentor, influence of young ethically sound players, and personal growth, Coach Bombay comes to realize that there is more purpose in live than can be gained by winning a hockey game. The lessons and values he gained during his experience with the hockey team in his season of growth, allow Bombay to learn the important requirements of being a coach and a moral person which include: "encouraging teamwork, commitment, fair play, sportspersonship, and balancing obligations to individual team members and to the team as a whole" (Russell, 2011, 87). Coach Bombay demonstrates these requirements by showing change in his coaching philosophy in the Championship game. Instead of trying to “win the game at all cost”, Bombay stated “we may win, we may not...but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that we are here...go have fun” (Walt Disney Pictures). While competitive teams seen in the NHL and the Olympics likely would not

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