Mignon Lasalle Essay

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The character that seems to leave a big impact on the story is Mignon LaSalle, one of the antagonists of the novel. In the beginning, of the novel Mignon seems to be a spoiled rich girl, who believes that the world revolves around her. It is clear that her friends look up at her as if she is perfect; however, she looks down at her as if they are her followers. Considering the fact that she is rich she despises and harass the less fortunate, one of her victim is Constance, a fellow classmate of hers. It is mentioned that Mignon has a choice of attending a private school offered for upper-class students but chose to stay for an unknown reason. With Mignon’s personality, it makes sense that she enjoys control over things and probably does not have a liking toward changes, which is why she feels bitter and annoyed toward Marjorie and Constance as they were the most recent students to arrive in Sanford High School.…show more content…
She is willing to lie to get what she wants, and make herself the victim of a situation. The first time she shows this character trait was after a basketball game at school. It was during the game when Mignon was playing, she pushed one of the players from the opposing team so they could win. She knew that the victim would speak up and there would be consequences for her. At this point, out of desperation, Mignon told the principal that she was the one pushed by her. Unfortunately for Mignon, there were witnesses who saw what she did and had been exposed. Mignon LaSalle is seen to be a cruel person but also seems ignorant towards other. In the near future I believe that her peers will eventually loose respect for her as she never gave any towards
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